Human People

I have always been a flaming, bleeding heart liberal.  I’m sure you’re not surprised.   I was also a paralegal and I worked for prosecutors and public defenders alike.  I met many police officers who were decent people. I have been in court with convicted people.  I have also seen people in court who are not guilty until proven innocent people.  I have worked with people who were victims of crime and, yes, they were people.

I have worked with excellent prosecutors who followed the law to the letter.  They took pride in their jobs.  I have also worked with prosecutors who simply took the elected position for posterity. Looking to take a few more steps to, as we call it here in Western Kentucky, The Golden Triangle (Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort).  I saw the attorney’s and workers around me feed on the power that the office brought with it.  I have also seen police officers who began to feed off of their power too.  They would forget things, or lose things that were pertinent to a case.  They would leave things out and fail to tell the prosecutor that evidence even existed until the day of trial.  I’ve seen assistant prosecutors step over the line into police work when their ONLY job was to prosecute cases.  Their job was NEVER to investigate a crime.  That was a police officer’s job, and that could lose cases, set actual guilty people free, and leave others grieving because of the lack of justice.

These positions are like monsters.  If you are brave enough to step into the ring with the monster, tame it, and use it for the good of all, then you will succeed.  You will work for the people and the community because THAT is your job.  No matter how tired or disgusted you get, you have compassion and honor. You still have feelings for your fellow man and believe that they have rights just as you do.  If you get into the ring and look that monster in the face, breath in the smell of the money, the power, the relationships that you will gain because of  your position you will be ready to ride the monster to the top and use it for your own wicked needs.  You will gain great wealth, great things will be written about you.  You will be in the spotlight and, only you will know what is right and wrong.  There is no “system” to follow.  The sky is the limit and only a few of those who grovel at your feet are considered people to you.

Heroes and monsters are peppered throughout the justice system and society.  It is a given.  That’s the way it has always been. Good vs. Evil. It seems more prevalent now because of the instant news But when did some forget that people, whether they are bad people or good people, are just like you? They are just people. They are different people but still the same as you.  Maybe not in spirit, in mind, or soul, but they are people.

I never thought I would see the world turn so utterly sinister.  I knew the world wasn’t a rosy place at a young age, but I never dreamed that evil could run so rampant.  That is one thing that the internet has brought to everyone.  We all know what is out there now.  The deep hate.  The broad divides.  The things that are happening now that we all see on television, especially in my tiny corner of the world, is just absolutely shocking to some.  They believe, “Well, nothing like that will EVER happen here.”  The need to think again.  Injustice can happen anywhere. We have all seen it.  The deep, disgusting, putrid injustice that has been seen through the untimely deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford III and Tamir Rice, just to name a few (that shouldn’t even be a sentence I should be using).  Not only African American men but African American women as well.  Some were cases of “mistaken identity”.  Some were mentally ill and were just shot because they wouldn’t follow commands.  These cases made me angry as a former professional within the legal community.  I knew that these officers could of and should have done better.  The cases just keep on coming.  Every night you hear something new.  The last 2 cases that really fired me up was the case of an Indian citizen.  A grandfather who came to America to help his son with a new grandchild.  He was brown, from India, and taking a morning walk.  That is all.  He didn’t speak any

The last 2 cases that really fired me up was the case of an Indian citizen.  A grandfather who came to America to help his son with a new grandchild.  He was brown, from India, and taking a morning walk.  That is all.  He didn’t speak any English, but the officers threw this skinny man to the ground because he was a threat! He didn’t answer the officer’s questions.  His small frame apparently made him look like a horrible threat to the officers who together probably  had a combined weight of 400 lbs.  But, hey, a white guy from the Alabama suburbs called and said he was acting strangely so he must be a suspect.  Mr. Patel is alive but paralyzed. Welcome to America! They should have just slammed him at the airport as soon as he got here.  The video says it all.  The officers were too stupid or too scared to even delve any further into who this man was or why he was taking a morning walk.  Did they check with neighbors? Did they go out of their way to find out the truth? Nope.  Why bother when you can just throw someone down and put your knee on their neck?  No other effort is needed.  That is not police work.  That is not community policing.  I know they learned about community policing.  The video said it all.  You can hear the officers backtracking and trying to cover themselves because they knew what they did was 100% wrong!

Finally, the last case.  The 73-year-old insurance executive who wanted to be Deputy Dog on his days off.  I am not in any way condoning the actions of the suspect that was evading the officers.  Eric Harris was in the wrong.  The officers were doing their job when they went after him.  He was running from the scene.  However, the actions after his apprehension are what turned my stomach.  When you can casually shoot a man and say, “I shot him.  I’m sorry”  so casually after you meant to use your taser means that you have some problems with your moral and ethics.  The officers KNEW this old cod shot this man! They had to hear the shot!  Eric Harris was letting them know he was shot, he couldn’t breathe.  The words that came out of the officers mouth, “Shut the fuck up”, and “Fuck your breath”.  There is no word for that kind of deep evil. Eric Harris was just another black thug.  To them, he was a waste of a human being.  “Fuck your breath”.  Apparently the officer thought his own breath was much more important that Mr. Harris’s because he had a badge and swore to protect and serve.  Protect and serve who? Other guys like himself? White people with money? An insurance executive that gave their department cash for new equipment to protect and serve the privileged from people like Eric Harris, an apparent waste of space and air to him, the other officers, and a reserve deputy.

There are no happy endings to any of these stories.  The officer in the Patel case was arrested and charged with his case pending.  The reserve deputy turned himself in.  They are both innocent until proven guilty. That still applies to everyone. Not just the upper class with money.  Everyone! Many  have forgotten that principle. Some of the guilty were found innocent.  Many were found innocent because of lies, agendas, those monsters that I talked about before.

This brings me to my final points.  We are all people.  We all bleed the same blood.  It’s red and contains oxygen, red blood cells, white blood cells, and whatnot.  We are all covered in flesh.  No, it isn’t all the same color flesh.  It all rips and tears the same.  We all have organs in our bodies that are in relatively the same place as everyone else that resides on this marble.  That doesn’t matter to many people.  Many can’t see that point.  They can see money.  They can see how poor people are skimming off of the government when they use their food stamps.  They can see how an uneducated man has no worth because he didn’t finish school.  They can see the laborers who build their fancy homes and plumb their toilets as simply “the help” and not people.  They see me as an unemployed woman who is perfectly capable of finding gainful employment instead of sitting on my ass writing for a living. a very meager living.  They see me as a woman who lives with her son in a place that only white trash would dare set foot in.  Because of that, I am not worth their time.  My name isn’t a name that is backed by money, fame or fortune.  I’m one of them.  Not a “person”

I have been in the lower middle class and I have been at the poverty level.  I have black friends, white friends, brown friends.  I have friends who are hardshell Baptists, homeschoolers, and conservatives.  Our ideas may not be the same, but they are all people.  Just like all of the men and women who have been gunned down were people.  I have seen guilty people and innocent people.  I have seen great cops who are people.  I have seen horrible cops, racist cops, oversexed cops who are people. I have seen drug addicted attorneys who are people.  Some people are truly monsters.  Some people make bad decisions.  Some people are born of privilege and have the world handed to them.

The best way to sum all of this up is by telling this story.  I worked for a prosecutor who had been bombarded by murder cases.  I worked most of them with him.  He is a good man and a great attorney.  He searched for justice and worked to do good.  One day he said as he looked at some photographs of a scene, “You know, when it comes down to it we are all just like cattle.” Why? Because when we pass away whether it be of natural causes, in a manner that is truly too unreasonable for a person to wrap their head around or in an accident we all die the same.  We all leave loved ones behind.  Whether it be criminal people, cop people, simple people, smart people, filthy rich people.  The flesh makes us all equal.

Go forth and do good!!


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